About the Critters

"SHELL".....A cartoon about a little armadillo and his slow witted friend T.J. Turkey. This is a "pantomime" comic. Very sparse in dialog, Mostly just thought balloons of what Shell and T.J. are thinking.

"ARMADILLOSAURUS".....a prehistoric armadillo and his dealings with various dinos, all the while using contemporary language with very few balloons.

"JUST PLAIN NUTS".....Crazy, zany, weird and off the wall toons using captions most of the time. Some times word balloons or pantomime. 

"ARMADILLO DO".....A mixed martial arts expert, his wife and their son, Do Jr. Word balloons, lots of shouting.

"HANK THE TANK".....This rotund armadillo likes cars, electronics, etc. Just about anything with an engine and just about anything with electricity flowing thru it.  

About the Artist

Texas Hill Country artist and author, Robert "Armadillo Bob" Clark, has been an armadillo nut for a long time. His armadillo cartoons were first published in the local newspaper in the 80s. Bob's family moved to the Hill Country  in the 50s and he has been in Texas ever since, well, except four years in the USMC.